Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Body Milk and Body Lotion


Dedicating a segment of your daily skincare routine to address specific concerns, especially during dry weather conditions requiring extra protection, is crucial. This proactive approach contributes to achieving soft, radiant, and well-hydrated skin.


Body milk and body lotion are not only essential for a hydrating skincare and body care routine, but they can also become a cherished self-love ritual and a source of sensory delight.


While these terms are commonly used interchangeably, discerning between body milk and body lotion is pivotal for understanding your skin's distinct needs and effectively caring for your skin.

How to Differentiate Between Body Lotion and Body Milk?

To understand the differences between these two products, it's essential to consider their fundamental characteristics, specifically consistency, ingredients used, and your skin’s specific requirements.

Texture and Consistency

  • Body Milk: With a soft, silky texture, lightweight consistency, a quick-absorbing formula, and high water content, body milk aids in locking in the skin's natural moisture, leaving it nourished, revitalised, and supple. These are perfect for daily use during the summer and monsoon seasons as they give a calming and soothing effect.
  • Body Lotion: Conversely, body lotion, offering a more substantial dose of hydration, features a slightly thicker consistency. It effectively nourishes dry skin, yielding notably soft, supple, and healthy skin. Incorporating these products into your skincare routine is vital due to the ever-changing and unique demands of your skin, varying according to seasonal conditions.

For instance, the richness of body lotion delivers intensive moisturization, making it suitable for dry and sensitive skin. In contrast, the lightweight texture of body milk is more fitting for normal and oily skin.

Seasonal Suitability

Body milk is a fitting choice during warmer seasons such as spring and summer, meeting the skin's need for replenishment with its light, gentle moisturisation.


When the skin feels stripped of its moisture in the winter, body lotion is a valuable ally. Offering added protection against dryness and actively combating moisture loss, it becomes a crucial component in shielding the skin from the harsh elements of the weather.

Tailor to Your Skin Type

Discover your skin requirements to embrace your ideal skincare product. Lightweight body milk is generally applicable to all skin types. When infused with serum, it not only nourishes and hydrates your skin but also elevates the skin tone.


However, applying body lotion after the morning shower on normal to dry skin hydrates and moisturises your skin and gives the pleasure of pampering yourself before getting ready for the day. Seek professional advice and understand your skin preferences and product labels to choose the right product.

Discover 82°E’s Hydrating Body Care Range

82°E Body Milk


A lightweight body milk with SPF 20 PA++ with coconut and ceramides. Its serum-infused formula helps to nourish and hydrate the skin, enhance skin tone, and protect from UV rays.

Our body milk is formulated to:
  • Help seal in moisture
  • Leave the skin feeling supple and soft
  • Offer sun protection
  • Calm and soothe the skin

Recommended for: All skin types

82°E Body Lotion


A rich body lotion with saffron and ceramides that helps retain moisture in the skin. This hydrating body lotion also contains sunflower sprout extract which is known to provide blue-light protection. This multi-tasking Body Lotion with SPF 20 also helps protect against sun damage.

  • Our body lotion is formulated to:
  • Provide instant hydration
  • Help tackle dull and dry skin
  • Help reduce skin imperfections
  • Provide sun protection and strengthen the skin's barrier

Recommended for: Normal to Dry Skin Type

Experience Our SYMBALANCE™ Technology

Our Body Care range, including the Body Milk and Body Lotion, is formulated with our patented SYMBALANCE™ technology. This innovation helps in maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria on the skin to achieve healthy skin. It also helps in maintaining skin pH, regulating sebum secretion, and safeguarding the skin against bad bacteria which may lead to malodor and acne.


Hydrate yourself with 82°E’s Body Milk and Body Lotion twice a day for smooth textured, supple, and soft skin.

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