Self-care Rituals While You Mask: Challenge Yourself with a Puzzle


While your face mask works on your skin, put your brain to work too! During the few minutes you carve out to mask, instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone, play our engaging vocabulary and trivia puzzles to challenge your cognition and jog your memory.


Put on your Manjishtha Mud mask and get solving!

The 82°E Vocabulary Quest

Test your vocabulary—and learn some new words and phrases along the way!


1. What is the term for a person who is excessively fond of eating and drinking?


a) Omnivore

b) Gourmet

c) Glutton

d) Epicurean


2. Which word means the study of the origin and history of words?


a) Etymology

b) Philology

c) Linguistics

d) Morphology


3. What is the opposite of nocturnal?


a) Diurnal

b) Matutinal

c) Crepuscular

d) Vespertine


4. What does the term "ephemeral" mean?


a) Eternal

b) Lasting a very short time

c) Permanent

d) Prolific


5. Which word refers to the excessive use of words?


a) Garrulous

b) Verbose

c) Loquacious

d) Taciturn


6. What is the synonym for ubiquitous?


a) Scarce

b) Rare

c) Omnipresent

d) Limited


7. What is the opposite of benevolent?


a) Malevolent

b) Altruistic

c) Compassionate

d) Kind-hearted


8. What is the term for a person who loves and collects books?


a) Bibliophile

b) Literati

c) Wordsmith

d) Librarian


9. Which word means the fear of spiders?


a) Arachnophobia

b) Entomophobia

c) Ophidiophobia

d) Acrophobia


1: c) Glutton

2: a) Etymology

3: a) Diurnal

4: b) Lasting a very short time

5: b) Verbose

6: c) Omnipresent

7: a) Malevolent

8: a) Bibliophile

9: a) Arachnophobia

The 82°E Skincare and Self-Care Trivia Series

Test your knowledge of beauty practices and self-care routines. Select the correct option for each question and uncover the secrets of a healthy and radiant lifestyle.


1. What vitamin is essential for maintaining healthy skin?


a) Vitamin A

b) Vitamin C

c) Vitamin D

d) Vitamin K


2. What is the primary function of a toner in a skincare routine?


a) Hydrate the skin

b) Cleanse and balance pH

c) Provide sun protection

d) Reduce wrinkles


3. Which ingredient is commonly found in sunscreen for protecting the skin from UV rays?


a) Hyaluronic acid

b) Retinol

c) Titanium dioxide

d) Aloe vera


4. What is the recommended duration for leaving a face mask on the skin?


a) 5 minutes

b) 15 minutes

c) 30 minutes

d) Overnight


5. Which of the following is a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products?


a) Salicylic acid

b) Collagen

c) Benzoyl peroxide

d) Tea tree oil


6. What is the purpose of exfoliating in a skincare routine?


a) Moisturize the skin

b) Remove dead skin cells

c) Reduce redness

d) Increase sun protection


7. Which type of skincare product is designed to lock in moisture?


a) Cleanser

b) Toner

c) Serum

d) Moisturizer


8. What is the first step in a typical skincare routine?


a) Applying sunscreen

b) Cleansing

c) Using a toner

d) Applying moisturizer


9. What is the purpose of a jade roller in a skincare routine?


a) Exfoliate the skin

b) Reduce puffiness

c) Apply moisturizer

d) Remove makeup


10. Which essential oil is known for its calming and soothing properties in aromatherapy?


a) Peppermint

b) Lavender

c) Eucalyptus

d) Lemon


1: b) Vitamin C

2: b) Cleanse and balance pH

3: c) Titanium dioxide

4: b) 15 minutes

5: b) Collagen

6: b) Remove dead skin cells

7: d) Moisturizer

8: b) Cleansing

9: b) Reduce puffiness

10: b) Lavender

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