The 82°E Guide to Gifting Self-care


Why do we give gifts to our loved ones? To express our love and gratitude, to let them know we’re thinking of them, and to show that we care about their well-being. And to express these myriad emotions, there’s no better or more meaningful gift than the gift of self-care. Self-care and skincare products are among the rare presents that are both practical and exciting to receive—they inspire the recipient to commit to themselves every day.


But even within the world of self-care, finding the perfect gift for the different people in your life can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a simple gift guide to help you match our high-performance skincare rituals with the self-care personalities of your loved ones.


For a Loved One Celebrating a Special Milestone: The Skincare Gift Kit

Whether it is a special birthday (25, or 40!), an anniversary, or an important professional milestone, The Skincare Gift Kit in Gold is the perfect gift. The kit contains our most loved Cleanse-Hydrate-Protect skincare routine: the gentle conditioning  Lotus Splash cleanser, rich and hydrating Ashwagandha Bounce moisturiser, and nourishing Turmeric Shield sunscreen serum, all packed in a luxurious matte textured gold gift box. It is the simplest, yet most effective 82°E skincare routine—a gift your loved ones will definitely cherish.


The Skincare Gift Kit is also available in a classic matte textured nude gift box, as well as in a travel-friendly Mini size.


For the Self-care Beginner Who Loves to Unwind: Manjishtha Mud face mask.

Apart from its many skincare benefits, putting on the Manjishtha Mud face mask is a form of self-care. This means that the gift of Manjishtha Mud is like gifting your loved one who values their rest and relaxation with twenty minutes of me-time every weekend.


Manjishtha Mud is a non-drying clay mask formulated with two antioxidant-rich ingredients, manjishtha, and bioflavonoids. This clay-textured mask helps clarify the skin by removing impurities and excess oil from the pores and is clinically proven to brighten and rebalance the skin.


For the Skincare Maestro in Your Life: An 82°E Gift Card.

Skincare enthusiasts love to experiment and try different products, based on their highly researched understanding of skincare formulations and their own skin. For these maestros, a Gift Card is the best kind of gift, allowing them the freedom to choose the products they like best or have been itching to try. With an 82°E Gift Card, help them build their own personalised self-care routine from our high-performance skincare products.


The 82°E Gift Card is a digital gift card that comes in a number of denominations and is valid for an entire year after purchase.


For Those Who Appreciate Everyday Luxuries: Bakuchiol Slip face oil.

There are people who believe “Why shouldn’t every day be a celebration?” For them, or anyone you want to gift a luxurious ritual, consider our Bakuchiol Slip face oil. Not only is it packed with a number of high-performing ingredients and skincare benefits, but it also forms a calming, restorative part of your night routine.


Bakuchiol Slip is a multitasking luxurious face oil made with the restorative power of bakuchi seed oil and naturally-derived squalane. Formulated to help your skin retain moisture, this lightweight face oil helps to improve your skin texture and boost your natural glow in just two weeks.


No matter the occasion, be it big or small, the gift of self-care will always be appreciated. That’s why we wanted to make it easy for you to share our simple self-care rituals with your loved ones—a small gesture with a big, long-term reward.

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