Spotlight on Our Indian Ingredient: Why Aromatic Patchouli is Treasured in Indian Rituals


Patchouli, an aromatic herb native to Southeast Asia, particularly flourishes in the diverse landscape of India. Today, we recognize it because of its considerable benefits in the realm of skincare. Its unique earthy aroma is not merely a sensory delight; it carries with it a wealth of benefits that have deep roots in Indian culture and tradition, making it an essential component in skincare routines. Incorporating this botanical ingredient into your daily regimen is more than a skincare routine; it becomes a ritual of self-care and well-being.

A Brief History of Patchouli

Dating back to ancient times, Patchouli has been cultivated for its aromatic leaves, which were traditionally used for scenting fabrics and fending off insects. The lush landscapes of India served as the cradle for Patchouli, nurturing its growth and influence. As trade routes expanded, Patchouli transcended geographical boundaries, gaining global prominence in perfumery and skincare. Its journey from the fields of India to becoming a staple in various cosmetic formulations is a testament to its enduring appeal and efficacy.

The Skincare Benefits of Patchouli

Delving into the world of skincare, Patchouli emerges as a powerhouse of benefits. Its appeal lies not just in its captivating fragrance but also in its remarkable skin-enhancing properties.

  • Skin Regeneration: A distinctive attribute of Patchouli is its remarkable ability to encourage skin cell regeneration. Rich in antioxidants, it is essential for restoring and revitalising damaged skin, making it a valuable resource for a healthier and radiant complexion.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Patchouli has strong anti-inflammatory abilities that make it a potent therapy for soothing irritated skin. Applying skincare products comprising Patchouli offers soothing relief from redness, rashes, or general inflammation, fostering a more comfortable and balanced skin condition.
  • Natural Antiseptic: Embracing Patchouli in your skincare routine is akin to embracing a natural antiseptic shield. Its antimicrobial properties make it effective in warding off harmful bacteria, contributing to maintaining optimal skin hygiene. This gentle yet powerful aspect of Patchouli aligns with the growing preference for natural, skin-friendly ingredients.
  • Balancing Oil Production: Achieving the right balance in skin oil production is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Patchouli emerges as a harmonising agent in this regard, helping to regulate sebum production. It is suitable for various skin types, from oily to dry, promoting equilibrium and addressing one of the fundamental challenges in skincare.
  • Stress Relief and Aromatherapy: Beyond its tangible skincare benefits, Patchouli offers a holistic dimension through aromatherapy. Stress-relieving properties in Patchouli's calming aroma produce a multisensory experience that goes beyond the physical. Inhaling in this earthy scent helps promote relaxation and well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

How to Incorporate Patchouli into Your Skincare Routine

Now that we’ve discussed the virtues of Patchouli, the question arises: how can one seamlessly integrate it into their skincare routine? Here are some effective ways:

Patchouli Glow SPF 40 PA+++ nourishing sunscreen drops


Our lightweight sunscreen is fortified with the protective shield of patchouli leaf extract and ceramides. With a fast-absorbing formula that doesn’t leave a white cast, this innovative sunscreen protects your skin from harmful radiation caused by prolonged sun exposure and is clinically proven to make your skin supple in just one week.


Patchouli Glow is the perfect sunscreen for skin that feels dry or requires an extra boost of hydration.


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Based on a consumer study done on 56 women in 1 week.
Individual results may vary.

Patchouli-Infused Face Mist

Craft a revitalising face mist by combining distilled water with a few drops of patchouli essential oil. This concoction, stored in a small spray bottle, becomes a versatile companion. A quick spritz all through the day adds a subtle patchouli scent and a burst of freshness, making it a simple addition to your skincare regimen.

Patchouli Oil’s Versatile Benefits

The aromatic Patchouli oil can be used to care for several conditions, such as dry, cracked skin on the face, body, and scalp. Its woody, sweet, and spicy scent pairs well with rituals like aromatherapy to promote feelings of calm and stress relief. You can add a couple of drops of Patchouli oil to a diffuser to fill your room with its fragrance as you wind down or practice your self-care rituals.

From the historical landscapes of India to the forefront of modern skincare formulations, Patchouli invites you to embrace its manifold benefits. The science-backed advantages of Patchouli, coupled with its rich cultural history, position it as a versatile and indispensable element in contemporary skincare. Let the inclusion of Patchouli be a conscious choice, enhancing not only the health of your skin but also your overall sense of well-being and connection to the timeless traditions of skincare.

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