Self-care Rituals While You Mask: Practice Mindfulness with Meditative Doodling


Meditative Doodling, also known as Zen doodling, is a creative practice that combines the act of doodling with principles of mindfulness and meditation. It is a great activity to practice while you have your Manjishtha Mud face mask on—converting that time into a mindfulness exercise to help you feel grounded and recharged.


We have collaborated with yoga educator Riya Ranka and designer Aditi Mundra, co-founders of Ādikriyā, a ritualistic self-care brand, on a Meditative Doodling print template for you to doodle on. They also shared their insights on the benefits of practicing Meditative Doodling:

“The process of creating intricate designs encourages focus, relaxation, and a heightened sense of presence. Channeling energy into our hands also helps us slow down constant thoughts and has a therapeutic, calming effect to counter stress.”

Riya Ranka and Aditi Mundra

When to Do It

Meditative doodling can be practiced whenever you feel the need for relaxation (e.g. before bed, during intuitive breaks at work, or during your weekly face mask ritual).

What you Need


Doodle Template: Download and print the image. You may print multiple copies to practice over time.

Texture sheet for reference: Some ideas of doodling styles to begin with. But feel free to create your own designs and doodles.

Drawing material: We recommend using a pencil if you are a beginner. You may then advance to a micro line pen once you feel more confident.

Tips on How to Start Doodling

  • Create a comfortable seating arrangement with a desk/table and chair available.
  • Choose a texture. Go slowly with each line, don’t rush to finish.
  • Try not to lift your pen/pencil in between a line, keep them as flowy as is comfortable.
  • Don’t overthink it! Meditative doodling is free and organic. It is not an exercise you need to perfect for the future, but a joy for the present.

Make the process personal to you: listen to music, doodle with friends, or doodle with a face mask on!


Further reading: Our deep dive into the history and benefits of Meditative Doodling.


Download the Doodle Template here

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