My Rituals: Masoom Minawala on Motherhood and Her Evolving Self-care Rituals


Masoom Minawala needs no introduction: the global influencer and entrepreneur has been inspiring women with her style and her openness on social media for over a decade. She’s credited gratitude journaling and quality time with family as some of the self-care rituals that help her stay grounded. But ever since becoming a mother in 2022, she’s had to reframe her relationship with self-care as it relates to herself, and her family.


This Mother’s Day, we’re thrilled to share our candid conversation with Masoom about what self-care means to her, how she juggles the various roles she plays, and the importance of “me time” after motherhood.


Q. What does self-care mean to you?


Masoom Minawala: For me, self-care is all about snuggling in bed with my favourite book, no interruptions, just enjoying some “me time.”

It’s about giving my body the rest it needs and respecting my mental peace.


Q. What are some of your daily self-care rituals?


MM: Journaling and meditating.


Q. You began your career at a very young age. When and how did you realize the importance and value of self-care?


MM: I realized the importance of self-care when I found myself buried in work and getting overwhelmed by social media. Even during my personal time, I felt a need to work which left me feeling overworked. It hit me hard—I was exhausted and drained. That’s when I understood the necessity of giving myself a breather and showing some kindness to myself.

Q: How has becoming a mother influenced your views on self-care? What has changed?


MM: I’ve come to recognize that prioritizing self-care isn’t selfish—it’s fundamental for both my well-being and my family’s happiness.


Q. You juggle several roles, both at work and at home. How do you prioritize self-care?


MM: I’ve always made a point of keeping my professional and personal lives separate. For example, I don’t use my phone to work or respond to work messages after a certain time in the day.

By setting clear boundaries, I manage to carve out some “me time.”

Q. Many mothers struggle with "mom guilt," which can manifest as feeling guilty about taking time for self-care. Do you experience this? If so, how do you manage it?


MM: I do think that if I’m a more peaceful, more mentally balanced human being, I can be a more peaceful and mentally balanced mother. So finding time for myself is very important in my role as a mom and in my journey of motherhood.


Q. Did your skincare routine change post-motherhood?


MM: DIY homemade masks and double cleansing are my go-to now.

Masoom Minawala’s Recommended Rituals

  • My favorite self-care ritual that’s free is journaling
  • The self-care ritual that's a non-negotiable for me is fresh air
  • My skincare ritual that feels like self-care is cleansing
  • I feel most cared for by myself when I catch up on reading
  • A new self-care ritual I want to try is acupuncture

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