Hydration: Why Quenching Your Skin is an Important Step for Long-Term Skin Health



As humans, we can go for weeks without food but only a few days without water. And for good reason! Our body is comprised of up to 60% fluids. Our skin also has similar requirements for hydration and nourishment, which contributes to its softness and elasticity. Read on to understand how supple skin and good health are a byproduct of staying hydrated.

Why Does Hydration Tend to be Overlooked?

We often forget to consistently hydrate throughout the day when we’re wrapped up in other tasks and responsibilities. But not drinking enough water can severely impact your health, with issues ranging from bad breath to low energy levels, erratic mood swings and sleep disturbances, and more complex issues like kidney stones due to severe dehydration. 

Skin Health and Hydration

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and its functions are not just skin-deep. What’s visible to us and the world is the topmost skin layer—the epidermis.

However, the top layer of your skin can get flaky and dry as the epidermis loses too much water. It is caused by the shrinkage of skin cells, increasingly losing moisture and natural oils. Lacklustre skin is an early indicator of inadequate fluid intake. So, keep sipping on the water throughout the day —at least 2-3 litres—to stay hydrated and thus boost skin health and body functions.

Other factors that reduce your skin’s water content and cause dehydration are exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, excess exfoliation, and very hot showers.

How to Hydrate the Skin

You can improve your skin barrier with a hydrating moisturiser. A skincare regimen that includes cleansing, hydration, and protection is essential for your skin health. Opting for natural extracts like ashwagandha, and lotus, and compounds like sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, and ceramides can provide skin with the extra care it requires. All these, in turn, will allow the skin to regain elasticity and bounce. For healthy, bouncy, and rejuvenated skin, ensure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day and use a hydrating moisturiser twice daily.

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