The Six Incredible Benefits of Using a Face Oil


Is there a more luxurious, decadent way to care for your skin than a face oil? We think not. While some of us might have concerns related to greasiness or breakouts, face oils are designed to work for all skin types—including oily skin—and there are several face oil benefits that you might not be aware of. From moisture-lock properties to helping with signs of aging, face oils are a versatile skincare essential.


Read on to learn about the incredible ways that a face oil ritual can transform your skin.

What is a Face Oil?

Face oils are skincare products that lock in moisture, restore the skin's natural lipid barrier, regulate sebum production, and supply essential nutrients to the skin. It serves as an excellent base for makeup and can be used by people with all skin types, including dry, oily, and combination skin. Apart from that, adding facial oils to your daily routine offers a delightful sensory experience. Using a few drops in the morning can leave your skin looking radiant and well-hydrated throughout the day, and a nighttime face oil ritual can be the last thing you do to unwind before bed. The key when using a face oil is to use a little bit—a little goes a long way.

The Benefits of Using a Face Oil

Using a face oil in your skincare routine can offer a wide range of benefits for your skin. While the specifics can vary depending on the type of oil and your skin type, here are some of the main advantages:

Hydration and Moisturization

Face oils are excellent at locking in hydration to the skin, making them a wonderful last step in any skincare routine. They do so by creating a lipid barrier on the skin's surface that helps to lock in moisture. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with dry or dehydrated skin, as it can help combat flakiness, rough texture, and dry patches.

Anti-Aging Properties

Some face oils contain compounds that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For example, Patchouli Glow SPF 40 PA+++ is an oil-based broad-spectrum sunscreen that replenishes the skin’s natural lipid levels to trap moisture in the skin. By doing so, it protects the skin’s barrier against damage caused by harmful external elements.

Skin Barrier Support

A strong and intact skin barrier is essential for healthy skin. Face oils can help reinforce the skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss and protecting against external aggressors such as pollution and UV radiation. For example, our luxurious face oil Bakuchiol Slip, formulated with the restorative power of bakuchi seed oil and naturally derived squalane, helps to improve your skin texture and boost your natural glow.

Acne and Blemish Control

Contrary to the misconception that oils can cause breakouts, some face oils, like Bakuchiol Slip balance sebum production, preventing excessive oiliness.


Face oils with botanical extracts can help fade dark spots and promote an even skin tone. These oils can be particularly useful for addressing hyperpigmentation issues.

Excellent Base for Other Products

Applying a face oil before your moisturizer or other skincare products can improve their absorption. This can maximize the benefits of your entire skincare routine.


It's important to choose the right face oil for your skin type and concerns. Different oils have different properties, and what works for one person may not work for another. It's also advisable to perform a patch test before using a new face oil, as some individuals may be sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients. Consulting with a dermatologist or skincare professional can help you select the best face oil for your specific needs.

How to Add a Face Oil to Your Daily Routine

When adding a face oil to your daily skincare routine, there are several important considerations and steps to keep in mind to ensure you use it effectively and get the best results.

  • Identify Your Skin Type and Concerns: Determine your skin type. Is your skin mostly dry, oily, a combination of both, or sensitive? Do you have any specific skin concerns you want to address? For example dry patches, acne, redness, fine lines, etc. Identifying this can help you build a skincare routine that is tailored around your needs.
  • Choose the Right Face Oil: Select a face oil that suits your skin type and concerns. Different oils have different properties, so it's important to pick the right one for your needs. Before applying the oil to your entire face, perform a patch test on a small area of skin to check for any adverse reactions or allergies.
  • Cleanse Your Face: Begin your skincare routine by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser like Lotus Splash. It will remove dirt, makeup, and impurities, leaving a clean canvas for better absorption of the face oil.
  • Apply the Face Oil: After cleansing and moisturising, take 2-3 drops of the face oil into the palm of your hand, or more if needed. Spread evenly on your palm and massage gently onto your face and neck using upward strokes. Avoid tugging or pulling at the skin; be gentle in your application.

    Note: It is important not to overuse face oil. Adjust the amount based on your skin's needs, but using too much may make your skin feel greasy.
  • Continue to Moisturise: A face oil like Bakuchiol Slip is not interchangeable with a moisturiser. However, if it is used after applying moisturiser, it will help to maintain your skin’s hydration. Remember: all skin types, including oily skin, require daily hydration.
  • Layering with Other Products: Give the face oil a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin. This allows the active ingredients in the oil to work their magic and provides a smooth base for sunscreen or makeup application. Some people prefer to use face oils in their evening skincare routine, as they can be more emollient. However, you can use face oils both in the morning and at night. If you choose to add it to your AM routine, follow it up with a moisturiser and sunscreen.

Discover Bakuchiol Slip


Bakuchiol Slip is a multitasking luxurious face oil made with the restorative power of bakuchi seed oil and naturally-derived squalane, and is clinically proven to repair and revive your skin. Formulated to help your skin retain moisture, this lightweight face oil helps to improve your skin texture and boost your natural glow in just two weeks.


In our clinical study, we found that:

  • 98% of users agree it helps to intensely hydrate skin in two weeks.
  • 94% of users agree it helps make skin even-toned in one application.
  • 96% of users agree it helps in brightening or illuminating their skin in two weeks.
Based on a consumer study done on 47 women in 4 weeks.
Individual results may vary.


It is essential to be patient and consistent with your skincare routine to see the full benefits of face oil over time. The regular use of face oils such as Bakuchiol Slip will enhance your natural glow in just two weeks. Lastly, remember that any part of your skincare routine, like applying a face oil, can be transformed into a self-care ritual as long as you practice it mindfully, consistently, and joyfully.

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