Celebrating Self-care Month with our Community


What is Self-care Month?

“24 June marks the start of Self-Care Month, which ends with Self-Care Day on 24 July. Self-care month creates awareness and empowers individuals to actively focus on their health and wellness. This symbolic day was chosen because self-care can be practiced 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.” World Health Organization


82°E Self-care Month Schedule 

July 2 | Self-care for the Mind


Yoga has been practiced for centuries as a highly effective mind-body workout. Not only does it help with strength and flexibility, but it also helps to alleviate stress, improve awareness and focus, and promote balanced emotions.


We’ve worked with a yoga and  holistic wellness expert to explore simple yoga practices that help you energise your mornings and slow down your evenings.



July 9 | Self-care for the Body


As the famous maxim goes, we are what we eat. That’s why a balanced, nutritious diet is an important part of any self-care ritual—it contributes to the state of our overall health, and well-being, and eventually reflects on our skin.

We’ve collaborated with a nutritionist to create simple, nourishing recipes that you can use to Cleanse, Hydrate and Protect your body and gut.



July 16 | Self-care for the Spirit


From sorrow to joy, nearly every human sentiment can be expressed or experienced through music. Music touches our spirit: it can help to energize us, calm us, boost morale, or chase away a case of the blues. 


We will share expert-backed musical compositions that uplift your mood and give your spirit some solace.



July 23 | Self-care for the Skin


The health of our skin is often a reflection of our overall well-being: it is affected by a lack of nourishing skin care as well as changes in our nutrition, sleep, and stress levels. That’s why we believe that practicing daily skincare rituals is an act of self-care. 


We will reveal simple skincare practices for your skin health that are easy to commit to and help bring joy back into your skincare routine.


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