Spotlight on Our Indian Ingredients: How Ashwagandha Gives Your Skin A “Natural Facelift”


Ashwagandha, a prominent Indian natural ingredient renowned world-over, is a treasure trove of health and skincare benefits.


It is a small shrub with yellow flowers and red berries. Its roots and leaves are primarily used for medicinal purposes. Now, it has taken centre stage in various modern-day skincare products. Ashwagandha benefits for skin are multi-faceted and abundant.

A Brief History of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (ash·vuh·gan·duh) or Withania somnifera is a highly valued medicinal plant. Its name is derived from two Sanskrit words — Ashwa, which means horse and Gandha meaning odour. The name alludes to Ashwagandha’s distinctive odour and the belief that consumption of Ashwagandha results in horse-like strength and vitality.


Also called Indian ginseng or Indian winter cherry, the Ashwagandha benefits are known since antiquity i.e. more than 6000 years. Ashwagandha's presence is widely found around the world, though mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions such as Southwest Asia, Northern Africa and Mediterranean regions.


Ashwagandha, a revered genus in Indian Ayurveda for longevity and rejuvenation, is also an important herb for traditional medicinal Unani and Chinese systems. Classed as Rasayana or tonic in the Ayurvedic medicinal system, it’s used for various disease ailments and as a speciality as a nervine tonic. It is popularly classed as an effective adaptogen in modern medicine. This means Ashwagandha is an all-round stress resistor, be it biological, physical or chemical. Due to Ashwagandha’s Rasayana (chemical) properties, it has multiple advantages for skin and hair.

The Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

The Ashwagandha benefits are diverse and myriad. As it is considered a Rasayana, it is found useful in maintaining youth and vigour, both mentally and physically. This popular Indian herb is suggested to have great neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can cause numerous health conditions. Therefore, treating inflammation can protect the body from several health issues.


Some scientific studies suggest Ashwagandha may be useful for reducing stress and anxiety, alleviating arthritis pain and boosting heart health.


The Skincare Benefits of Ashwagandha


The established health benefits of Ashwagandha have lent it promising credibility for its foray into the skin care industry. It has become a popular ingredient for holistic skin care due to the presence of withanolides and amino acids.


Ashwagandha-infused face products are known to provide a natural facelift, with your skin looking lustrous and radiant. Here are the ways Ashwagandha improves and benefits your skin:

  • Anti-ageing properties: As a rich source of antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolics, Ashwagandha can neutralise free radicals and deeply nourish your skin. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage your skin cells, contributing to premature ageing. By consuming Ashwagandha, your skin is protected from oxidative stress and promotes a youthful complexion. It effectively reduces the appearance of early ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, or other age spots.
  • Collagen production: Collagen is the essential structural protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Ashwagandha can stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, thereby leading to improved firmness, skin texture and elasticity with reduced skin sagging.
  • Skin hydration: The Ashwagandha root extract is known for its humectant properties due to the presence of hyaluronic acid. It effectively assists your skin to retain its natural moisture. Thereby, Ashwagandha enhances your skin hydration, resulting in more radiant, clearer, plumper and smoother skin with reduced pore appearance.

How to Incorporate Ashwagandha into Your Skincare Routine

Add Ashwagandha Bounce to your skincare routine to moisturise your skin with goodness of ashwagandha and sodium hyaluronate.


After cleansing and toning, scoop out a coin-sized amount of Ashwagandha Bounce into the palm of your hand. Massage gently onto your face and neck in upward strokes. Ashwagandha Bounce should be used daily in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning.


From neutralising free radicals to encouraging collagen production and hydrating your skin, Ashwagandha is an effective natural ingredient for skincare. For radiant, younger looking skin, add Ashwagandha-infused skincare products to your daily routine.

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