What is Sustainability?

Sustainability, at its core, is a call to action—a recognition that our current trajectory is unsustainable and demands a recalibration of our approach to living, producing, and consuming. It encompasses not just environmental concerns, but also social and economic dimensions, recognizing the intricate web of relationships that bind humanity to the Earth.

Beyond a buzzword or a fleeting trend, sustainability is a commitment to fostering a balance where the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The journey towards sustainability requires a collective effort. Through innovation, education, and conscious decision-making, we have the power to chart a course that preserves the beauty and diversity of our planet while ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants.

What Does Sustainability Mean to 82°E?

As a brand that places nature at the forefront of our formulations, we recognize that beauty is not just skin deep; it is an embodiment of a holistic lifestyle. 

We at 82°E have set out to create a modern self-care brand that is Indian in its ethos and global in its outlook. Innovative yet grounded, this duality informs every product we make and every practice we share. Sustainability then, is the logical choice. 

82°E’s Sustainability Initiatives

Nourish - Replenish - Restore

We have joined forces with India's leading plastic credits platform, The Disposal Company, to pioneer positive change. With every net zero eco-footprint achieved, we inspire change. Together, we shape a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Here are some of our initiatives: 

Plastic Waste Management: A Pledge Fulfilled

In our unwavering pursuit of sustainability, our partnership with The Disposal Company has led to wonderful results. 

We have achieved the reclamation and recycling of an astounding 1202 kilograms of plastic from India's landfills. 

This remarkable achievement underscores 82°E's dedication to addressing the pervasive issue of plastic waste. Through meticulous monthly audits, we not only neutralize our plastic footprint but also set an industry benchmark for responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to plastic waste management extends beyond rhetoric, serving as a tangible demonstration of our brand's ethos in action. 

Carbon Offset: Forging a Greener Path

82°E embraces the responsibility to offset its carbon footprint through a transformative thermal energy production project. 

This initiative results in a substantial reduction of 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

By engaging in innovative projects that prioritize carbon offsetting, we showcase our dedication to environmental conservation and the global fight against climate change. 

Reforestation Initiative: Breathing Life into Earth

We understand the role of our green cover and forests in carbon sequestration. To foster carbon capture and environmental restoration, we've planted approximately 11,111 trees.

Renewable Energy Initiative

82°E has invested in a bundled rice husk-based co-generation project in Patiala, India. Our investment helps to mitigate climate change as this project uses a renewable resource and avoids the release of CO2 from fossil fuel combustion. Additionally, it contributes to improved access to energy and sustainable development. The co-benefits of this project include improved air quality and reduced waste through the utilization of byproducts that would otherwise be discarded or burned. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals Supported : 7, 8, 13

Through our partnership with The Disposal Company, we actively address plastic waste concerns, setting a precedent for responsible consumption. Simultaneously, our investment in carbon offset projects signifies our dedication to combatting climate change and contributing to a greener world. 82°E’s active participation in reforestation underscores our commitment to a greener future and reinforces the inseparable bond between skincare and preserving our planet. 

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